Project team:

Architects: Design Systems
Project team: Wai Ming Lam, Wing Kin Kent Wong, Wai Fung
Phoebe Chu, Xing Zhang, Kin Lung Kurt Chung, Huanhuan Fang

23. Jan 2017

The Tuve boutique hotel in Hong Kong/CN with a touch of Sweden.

Text: Joachim Ritter
Photos: Matteo Carcelli

There are hotels and there boutique hotels, the latter generally being on a smaller scale and featuring a special, more intimate atmosphere. It is not the number of rooms – all more or less the same and designed to provide a service rather than an experience – that ensures a hotel is economically viable. Hotel guests prefer accommodation that has an individual quality, a unique feel: creative design, a space that is unusual or exceptional even, and the impression that this is a hotel you need to have stayed in at least once in a lifetime.

The question is: what does it take to design a hotel of such a distinctive nature, and what do the designers base their concept on? Ideas give rise to images; images are associated with experience and feelings, which are linked to … light. The Tuve boutique hotel in Hong Kong is located in a quiet neighborhood sufficiently distant to and yet conveniently close to the bustling Central Business District while offering an authentic Hong Kong experience with local eateries, a market, old buildings, temples and the natural backdrop of Hong Kong Island. The hotel is designed to be a getaway from the hustle and bustle of daily life, embracing travellers with an air of calm and tranquility on arrival. The entire hotel experience – from the official website to social media presence to the actual stay – embodies and manifests the aesthetics and poetics underlying the philosophy of the hotel. It is a hidden beauty waiting to be discovered and appreciated.

For the architects from Design Systems it all began when the client approached them with the idea of a boutique hotel project and showed them a series of photos of a lake in Tuve near Gothenburg in Sweden taken by Kim Høltermand. The client wanted the designers to capture the mood and the calm and sensuous atmosphere, and create surroundings that felt natural and sparked the imagination in a positive, relaxing way.

The full version of the article can be found in PLD No. 103.

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