19. Oct 2017

Temporary interactive immersive installation in New York City/US.

Text: Joachim Ritter

Developed as a part of ongoing research into light and space, “Infinity” (Tiles of Virtual Space) is an interactive immersive installation that transforms a finite space into a vast, endless expansion using light and sound. “Infinity” was premiered at the Panorama Festival at The Lab in New York City in July this year.

“Infinity” is intended as a space for reflection and self-awareness. The tiles that clad the walls comprise laser-cut double mirror panels lined by LED strips, to give an optical illusion of infinite space. Every step taken in any direction creates new ripples of light in time, building infinite structures of light that can only be seen by looking further than one’s own reflection.

The installation was equipped with four active monitor speakers mounted on the ceiling and one subwoofer. When the installation was in active mode, the audio was triggered at the same time as the animations, but when the installation was in idle mode, or people were passive (lying down) the audio drove the visuals.

Concept and design: Gabriel Pulecio

Programming: Daniel Schaeffer (head), Lucas Morgan, Gabriel Pulecio

Sound design: Jeff Dodson


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