16. Oct 2017

A light art installation in an underground station in Stockholm /SE.

Text: Joachim Ritter
Photos: Hans Ekestang

Stockholm’s underground railway system is said to be the world’s longest art exhibition – 110 kilometres long. Travelling by underground there is like embarking on an exciting journey through time that stretches from artwork from the 1950s to modern-day artistic experiments. Over the years, more than 90 of the 100 underground stations in Stockholm have been decorated with sculptures, mosaics, paintings, installations by more than 150 artists.

The latest project is on the Citybanan line (Stockholm City Line), a new commuter railway tunnel beneath central Stockholm. Included in it is the artwork “Life Line”, which consists of 400 metres of neon-like lines of warm white LED light that represent the pulse of city life in the busy station.

On a more personal note, the artist claims the starting point was his son’s birth in the summer of 2012, and his pulse before the birth during labour. The glowing lines showing the child´s pulse become a metaphor for life.

That said, “Life Line” is clearly a site-specific artwork, based on the concept of 32 drawn lines. Given its size, the light art piece also becomes a part of the ambient lighting.

Architects: Fojab Arkitekter – Edvin Bylander

Artist: David Svensson




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