03. May 2018

The “Story Wall Eskilstuna” installation in Eskilstuna/SE between Örebro and Stockholm.

Text: Jo-Eike Vormittag
Photos: Tobias Olsson, ÅF Lighting

The underpass is one of the main access routes into the Swedish town of Eskilstuna for car drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. The road section where the cars drive back and forth is illuminated, whereby the footpath and cycle path are separated off by a series of columns. To date, the light emitted by luminaires mounted in the ceiling between the columns covered up to around a half of the section of tunnel designed for those on foot or bikes. Up to recently, the rest was more or less in the dark, not very attractive, and made people feel uncomfortable.

This all changed when the “Story Wall Eskilstuna” installation was realised. The idea is simple, and yet innovative. From a distance the walls bordering the cycle and footpath appear to be lit by bright white light, generating a completely different feeling of safety and visual appeal. But when people enter the underpass, there is far more to discover than just the additional lighting: through their own movements they can create endless coloured shadow effects.

Red, green and blue – thirteen of each colour – exterior projectors equipped with conical snoots and with a beam angle of 20 degrees installed between the pillars and directed away from the road enable this. By blocking each coloured light from slightly different angles, tunnel users can generate shapes and movements on the wall as arrays of three differently coloured silhouettes.

It is now no longer a case of light only being at the end of the tunnel. Light is in the tunnel. Which makes users feel more comfortable, provides an element of fun, and gives everyone the opportunity to add their story to the wall in light.

Lighting design: ÅF Lighting – Tobias Olsson

Products applied: Lumenpulse – Lumenbeam Large


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