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Main topic: Urban Lighting

“Follow the blue lit road…”
Inspired by the song from the film “The Wizard Oz”, it is time to take a bold step into the future. When does the horizon = the future begin, and where does the present end? Many designers regard self-luminous surfaces in the public realm as a vision of what is to come. But Daan Roosegaarde is already where others would like to be. Luminous footpaths and cycle paths can no longer be classified as utopian, as the luminous bike path pilot project designed by TPA and Strabag in Poland shows. In the next issue of the PLD we will be showing where the world is at now, and what we can expect in the future. We are at the threshold of what we will be referring to as the past in the future…


• What awaits us in the future

• The psychological effect of light in the context of the built environment

• A concept for the future: light and nature


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