18. Jan 2016

Breath-taking colour and light

 Photos: Tom Schulze

The Great Barrier Reef is an underwater ecosystem and one of the most significant natural formations on earth. Berlin-based architect and artist Yadegar Asisis has created a full-scale, 360-degree panorama of the largest coral reef system in the world in the Panometer (a disused gasometer) in Leipzig/D. The natural panorama can be experienced on a 1:1 scale, the projections encircling the visitors revealing the unique underwater world off the coast of Queensland, Australia in all its complexity. This allows the viewers to gain an impression of the biodiversity at the Great Barrier Reef: visitors to the Panometer are visually immersed in a submarine world of fascinating colours and changing lighting conditions. Marine biologist Dr. Moshira Hassan from Reef Check e.V. and biologist Mirko Wölfling from the University of Vienna/A provided important input to support the project. The day and night panorama experience is accompanied by a soundscape designed by Belgian composer Eric Babak.

The panoramic display spans an area of approximately 3,500 square metres and comprises around 50,000 images. These were printed on 37 layered textile screens. Specially configured LED projectors were applied for the project. They are mounted on the technical platform that forms part of the central “observation tower”. The lighting is programmed to generate daytime and a nighttime scenarios. For the nighttime scenario, UV colours painted onto the panorama screens are activated by applying UV light.

The artist undertook this project because of his fascination for the complexity contained within nature. It provides an astoundingly clear impression of the natural spectacle, which would not be possible in this condensed form in reality.

The exhibition will run until January 2017.

Project team:

Design: Yadegar Asisi
Exhibition manager: Mathias Thiel
Consultants: Dr. Moshira Hassan and Dipl.-Biologe Mirko Wölfling
Soundscape design: Eric Babak

(Images/advisor: Ben Cropp documentary filmmaker and diver)


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