07. Jan 2015

Effective reflections

Designers/architects: Glamorous – Yasumichi Morita, Akihiro Fujii, Hiroki Yoshioka, Yasuaki Fuchita, Kenji Ito
Photos: Nacasa & Partners Inc.

When they designed the bar lounge 1967 in Tokyo/J the team from the multidisciplinary design studio Glamorous were inspired by the kind of atmosphere that holds sway in a Paris night club. The idea was to create a noble and yet timeless bar lounge that would encourage guests to switch off, relax, and forget they are in Roppongi, one of the busiest streets in Tokyo. The bar is named after the year of birth of the three designers primarily involved in the project: the producer (concept development), the director and the principal designer.

A special feature of the 1350 square metre bar lounge is the bar itself. A line of light integrated beneath the edge of the bar subtly traces the entire length and form of the counter. A custom designed chandelier is suspended above the bar. The chandelier comprises a mirror ball surrounded by a cylindrical frame of rings with randomly inserted semi-translucent panels. Directional spotlights discreetly mounted on the lower ring direct light onto the mirror ball, giving rise to a splendid array of sparkling reflections on the glasses contained within the frame, and especially on the ceiling. The counter top and the bar stools likewise reflect the light from the mirror ball. Ceiling recessed downlights provide ambient lighting when necessary.

The dramatic lighting effects align perfectly with the cool and elegant atmosphere in the bar.

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