09. Mai 2017

On end between dog & wolf

Photos: Valmont France

The Blandan’s park become the third urban park of the city of Lyon.

The park being closed during the night, the lighting project proposes to value not the landscape or the uses but the specific temporality “between dog and wolf”. The light accompanies the end of uses of the site and affirms its strong temporality by a dynamic scenography during few minutes across opening and closing.

This large urban natural space remains at night a predominantly dark space.

Project team:

Contractor: City of Lyon

Lighting Design: Agence ON Paris

Lanscaper: Base Paysagiste

Engineering: OGI

Installation Company: Bouygues Energies Services

Products applied:

15 meter height Steel Bipod with motorized arm

12 & 10 meter height Steel Round Conical pole

7, 5.5 & 4.30 meter height Steel Cylindrical pole

4.50 meter height square mixed Wood / Steel Pole


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