22. Okt 2014

Expressing the magic of live theatre

Architects: UNStudio
Photos: Peter Guenzel, Jan Paul Mioulet and Peter de Jong

“Theater de Stoep”, designed by the Dutch architects from UNStudio is a futuristic and dynamic looking structure. The white and transparent outer surfaces are rounded to ensure as little wind flow disturbance to the nearby mill, generating the impression of a ribbon rippling in the breeze.

During the day the lower glass portion of the facade enables daylight penetration from the front of the theatre and from above. After dark the interior lighting transforms the theatre into a lantern. Above the glazed lower levels of the facade, the upper portion comprises two layers of aluminium. Glimpses of the purple coloured back layer can be seen through circular perforations in the outer white panels, with LED lights fitted between the two facade layers to light the building in the evenings. The perforations vary in size, reinforcing the dynamic quality of the architectural design.

According to architect Ben van Berkel, Theatre de Stoep is designed to support the magic of live theatre, incorporating both a performance venue and a place for social gatherings – a convincing concept that has been rigorously realised.


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