23. Dez 2016

Amsterdam Light Festival 2017-2018: Call for Concepts

Photos: Janus van den Eijnden

After five successful editions, Amsterdam Light Festival will return to its city center for the 2017-2018 edition. From artists to designers, engineers to architects, and professionals to students, the festival invites creators from around the world to submit their creative interpretations of the theme EXISTENTIAL. Amsterdam’s world-renowned canals and various waterfronts offer visitors a unique way to experience multidisciplinary light artworks.

Amsterdam Light Festival presents two exhibitions, following two routes in Amsterdam’s city center, each with its own unique interpretation of the festival’s theme.

Water Colors boat route

Amsterdam Light Festival champions artworks that connect the essential elements of light and people’s EXISTENTIAL needs and dreams, making people more aware of their existential being. For the Water Colors boat route, we are looking for monumental proposals on, above or in the water that connect with the city, its inhabitants, and its visitors.

Illuminade walking route

For the Illuminade walking route, we hope to see beautiful interpretations and installations that bring the EXISTENTIAL qualities of light back to the basics and provide a stage for natural miracles and occurrences. We are looking for artworks that you can touch, walk through, connect with and react to.

Deadlines & schedule 2017:

Tuesday 31 January 2017 (11:00 CET): Deadline submission round 1 – curatorial selection. Late entries are not accepted.

Friday 17 February 2017: Notification whether the curatorial team has selected your submission for round 2 and presentation to the jury.

Friday 17 March 2017 (11:00 CET): Deadline submission round 2 – jury selection

Tuesday 4 April 2017: Announcement of approximately 30 artists selected by the international jury members.

Tuesday 18 April – Friday 21 April 2017: The artists who are selected by the jury visit Amsterdam for the kickoff meeting and site visit (2 days). These dates are subject to change.

Do you have or do you know anyone who might have a luminous idea on how to let the EXISTENTIAL aspects of light and life illuminate Amsterdam?

Please fill out the form on www.amsterdamlightfestival.com to request the Artist Briefing or feel free to forward this to anyone in your network who might be interested in submitting.

Any questions can be sent to cfc@amsterdamlightfestival.com

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