04. Mrz 2015

A colourful media intervention in a flourishing cityscape

Photos: Neha Mevada – Atelier dada

Ahmedabad is one of the largest cities in India and a fast-growing metropolis. The multifunctional building complex “Mondeal Square” in the suburb Prahladnagar was designed to contribute towards shaping the face of the city and is a fine example of sustainable construction: the curtain façade is specifically constructed to provide solar protection and reduces the need for air-conditioning inside the building. The two high-rise buildings comprise the largest media facade in India, displaying movement, colour sequences or even silhouettes of moving figures in the hours after dark.

The vertical struts and horizontal slats made of white aluminium profiles mounted on the glass facade enhance the long-range view of the building by day. At night, the façade comes to life. Around five kilometres of LED striplights are mounted diagonally between the glazed façade and the outer bracing. The LEDs can be programmed to create any number of sequences and generate geometric patterns or human-form imagery. The colourful media façade has already rendered the complex a recognised landmark, and is a clear sign of this Indian city’s modern-day aspirations.

Project team:

Client: HN Safal
Architects: Blocher Blocher India Pvt. Ltd
Lighting design: Atelier dada


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