27. Sep 2016

Daniel Crouch Rare Books in St James’s, London/GB

Daniel Crouch Rare Books (DCRB) specialises in works from the fifteenth to nineteenth centuries with a particular interest in antique atlases, maps and sea charts. When the gallery was opened in 2011, the owners were keen to use RCL spotlights, having seen them utilised in a number of other commercial galleries.

“I’d seen RCL’s spotlights on various dealers’ stands over the years, including Masterpiece, and was impressed by their technology.” Lighting is critical when it comes to displaying art and the light source has a huge effect on how the artwork appears. DCRB wanted to move to an all LED solution for the gallery. Ultraviolet and infrared light can easily damage the pieces and cause them to fade but these elements are largely absent in LEDs. Another key benefit of LED technology is long life. LEDs are expected to last 40,000 hours – ten times the life of a halogen lamp, which also attracted Daniel.


“I wanted to move to LED fixtures, as I believe they’re the future. We’re a carbon neutral company and the energy saving aspects of LEDs appealed to us.”

RCL spotlights with LED technology seemed the logical choice. The ability to aim and adjust the brightness of the spotlights individually using a simple handheld remote control meant that the lighting could be changed quickly without the need to work at height.


A total of 34 DR2 spotlights fitted with RCL’s LED head are in use at Daniel Crouch Fine Art. The LED head was designed around the need for a very smooth beam with long life, energy savings and a very high quality white light.

The head is available in 8, 11 and 24 degrees beams and the power consumption is up to 66 percent less than the halogen equivalent. Unlike the products of some other manufacturers, the head is fully dimmable and cooled by a cold drawn natural convection heat sink. Cree LEDs were selected due to their high efficiency and excellent colour rendering.

Products applied: Spotlight – Director DR2; Mounting – 3-Circuit Track; Lamp – 3000K LED; Finish – White (RAL 9010); Control – Handheld Remote Controller


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