Awards: Latitude Lights

10. Mai 2017

Nina Edwards Anker has been honored with the renowned Bronze A‘ Design Award

A‘ Design Award and Competition is happy to share that the lighting work Latitude Lights by Nina Edwards Anker, Raphael Walther, Dave Young and has been announced as a winner of the famous Bronze A‘ Design Award at Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design Competition marked as the winner by the esteemed judging committee of the A‘ Design Awards & Competitions amidst a great number of submissions.

Latitude Light is a concept directly related to the design philosophy of NEA Studio : technical innovation and eco efficiency should be celebrated through design and be part of it.
Latitude Light is a solar powered lamp that can be 3D printed according to the customer’s location. The lamp’s geometry is updated in a digital file so that the tilt of the solar panel changes according to latitude. By tilting the panel at different angles, the lamp’s capacity for electric power generation is optimized. The lamp needs to bathe in daylight during the day and lights up automatically at dark, glowing gradually brighter from dusk to fall of darkness.

The lamp operates entirely by itself. It charges during day, and automatically starts glowing at night. It has been an on-going project development since 2014 and has known many iterations. It was presented in 2016 at the ICFF in New York City and at the Hamptons Contemporary Design Fair in Southampton, NY. Latitude lights are 3D printed in 1 mm thick transclucent polyamid after being custom shaped on a 3D modeling software according to the customer’s location. The solar panels come with an electrical device and a battery that process and store the solar energy.


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