08. Aug 2016

Cooledge videos highlight how easy it is to design and make with light

Cooledge has published a new series of videos demonstrating the inspiration for thinking about light as a material and how to actually use Cooledge’s TILE and LINE to realize novel architectural illumination. The videos can be viewed on Cooledge’s website or YouTube channel.


“Buildings provide structure and surfaces that can be illuminated from within,” said Jean Koeppel, an architect and designer now leading Cooledge’s marketing. “Virtually any monolithic surface can be illuminated and our new videos show how easy it is to design and implement stunning architectural lighting.”

As the new video series demonstrates, the flexible LED material can be shaped and trimmed for a precise fit and its snaps and connectors allow for easy installation without specific expertise or training.

The company’s LINE and TILE solutions are being used to illuminate ceilings, walls and displays in retail and office environments, and to create stunning effects in architectural lighting and design elements in entertainment and hospitality venues.



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