20. Okt 2015

Third edition of the international video competition

AIDI (Italian Lighting Association) have launched the third edition of the “Riprenditi la città, Riprendi la luce” international video competition, an initiative that aims to spread the “culture of light”, starting with young people, to encourage their awareness of the importance that this element plays in their daily lives. The competition also aims to reveal how young people interact, through light, with the city where they live, study or work.

In this new edition of the competition the protagonists are once again light, young people and the city. The video should be the tool for telling stories about light: a short 60-second video clip, which can be shot with a portable or mobile device, such as a tablet, a smartphone, a video camera or a digital camera.

The new edition features another important tool for telling stories about light and emotions: words. In the category “Light and Words,” words will be a key element for storytelling. Besides working with „Light and Words“, the young people need to address the other two categories, light and the city, in a different way. „Light and Places“ and „Light and the Environment“ offer the young talents the chance to describe the relationship between light and the environment, also in terms of sustainability and energy saving.

Prizes will be awarded to the short films that highlight the best scenic, aesthetic, emotional and technical potentialities of night-time lighting. Special attention will be paid to the presentation quality of the short films.

The competition was officially launched on 15. December, 2015 in Milan at the Triennale Foundation, and will close on 19, March, 2016.
The awards ceremony will be in Bologna in the City Theatre on 9. May, 2016.


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