27. Aug 2015

A comprehensive video summary of highlights

Photo: The Nuckolls Fund for Lighting Education

A comprehensive video summary of highlights from “Architectural Lighting Design Workshops,” developed and presented by lighting designer and educator Professor Cindy Limauro, has been posted to the website of The Nuckolls Fund for Lighting Education. The Fund awarded Limauro two annual grants of $20,000 each to work with educators at selected schools of architecture. The video includes the highlights from Limauro’s one-day interactive workshops to introduce basic lighting design concepts to upper class and graduate architecture students and faculty.

Limauro has now received a third grant of $20,000 to fund presentations to an additional four design schools in 2015-2016, starting this fall. She is a professor of lighting design at Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Architecture and School of Drama in Pittsburgh.

The Nuckolls Fund program was developed to encourage the initiation of new courses or expansion of existing programs in lighting design. Her workshop combines hands-on lab demonstrations utilizing light labs where students combine fixtures and lamps to create illuminated settings, and illustrated lectures. Six universities have so far participated in the program, each attended by an average of over 80 students and faculty. Feedback was enthusiastic. Limauro has been invited back to present the workshop at UT-Austin by Professor Keith Simon and at Cal Poly by Professor Sandy Stannard as a prelude to their taking over the teaching of the workshops as part of future curricula.

From their comments, Limauro proposed to The Nuckolls Fund that she direct a video to run approximately one-hour and 45-minutes as a teaching aid to lighting and design educators who want to adapt highlights of the workshops as a teaching tool. It is divided into three sections: “Learning to See Light”; “Creating Focus and Contrast”; and “Time, Place and Mood.”


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